26. International Screenwriters´ Workshop

Call for Projects is open

We are delighted to announce the eQuinoxe Europe 26th Intl. Screenwriters' Workshop scheduled for 15 to 22 October 2021! SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT until July 8, 2021 to work with a team of passionate European filmmakers!

The Submission Deadline for the 26. eQuinoxe Europe Intl. Screenwriters′ Workshop is 8. July 2021.  The Workshop, scheduled for October 15. - 22, 2021, in Germany, is planned as a residential workshop.

Deadline for submissions is 8. July 2021 (Postal stamp)

The International Screenwriters′ Workshops are for screenwriters who have had minimum one feature length script produced or equivalent experience.

The workshops only deal with screenplays for the cinema and concentrate on script and project development.  Screenplays should be at an advanced stage of development, preferably no less than third draft, in order to maximize the one-to-one meetings with the advisors.

Covid 19 - If the workshop is not carried out in person, the workshop will be held digitally.  Fees will be revised accordingly.

Application Fee

50,00€ /per project

You will find bank information on the application. All bank costs to be assumed by the applicant.

Criteria for submission

Writer has one feature film script produced (or equivalent experience)

  • eQuinoxe Europe welcomes global filmmakers and no national restrictions apply.
  • Producer must be attached to the project
  • If your project is accepted, producers are obliged to attend the last 2,5 days of the workshop.
  • Applicant speaks English (workshops held in the English language)
  • Cinema projects only (1. Drafts are not accepted).
  • Scripts submitted in industry - standard format and pagination.
  • Projects may be submitted in German or English language.
    If project is selected, an English translation must be provided in 21 days.
  • A translation of the rewrite (in most cases in English) will be required for the post-workshop rewrite consultation.

Please note

  • We accept one writer from a writing team.
  • The co-writer and/or director is welcome and encouraged to attend together with producer for the last two days of workshop, provided space is available.


  • Participant Fee - 3.700€ (We recommend that you contact and speak to your local film fund/film commission bursaries regarding financial support for the workshop fees and the time-line for notifying and receiving bursary support.)
  • We anticipate informing selected participants 6 weeks in advance of workshop.
  • We will strive to inform everyone as soon as possible.
  • Costs include workshop week, food & lodging and post-workshop rewrite consultation.
  • Travel costs for writers and producers are not included.
  • All Producers. A contribution of 425€ is required per Producer and any additional creative team member (cowriter/director, coproducer) which covers food, lodging and local transfer.

Produced Projects

In these changing times we must adapt to new circumstances resulting in our incorporating the "pay-forward" concept or "giving back" ethic.
We have named it a success fee. It is for projects that go into production.

  • In the event that a screenplay developed with the support of eQuinoxe Europe is
    produced, the Producer agrees to pay eQuinoxe Europe a fee of 0,25 % (one quarter of 1%) of
    the total production budget, capped at 7.500€, invoiced and payable on the first day of principal photography.
  • For returning participants with a second project a fee of 0,3% of total budget, capped at 8.500€.
  • For returning participants with a third project, a fee of 0,3% of total budget, capped at 10.000€.

Application Materials to be submitted

  • Script in industrial format, pagination with title page (English or German)
  • Synopsis in English - 1 page; Logline - 1 short paragraph in English
  • Writer: biography and filmography; Producer: biography and filmography; English or German
  • Example of previous work - DVD (submitted with signed application) or Link
  • Copy of option agreement, if the project is an adapation
  • Motivation letter from the writer why you want to attend the workshop, identify 3 problem areas in the project.


  • On the application - page 4 -when you save and print out the application, you will find the list of materials and documents required to be emailed to the office including a scan of the signed application (listed above), the bank information for the application fee is also on application.
  • The application includes the short agreement that, should the film be filmed, that the producer will pay eQuinoxe Europe 0,25% (one quarter of 1,00 %) of the final budget on first day of shooting (see Produced projects)

Frequently Asked Questions


The application should be downloaded and filled out. There is no online application for this workshop.

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