Script and Project Development for Professionals

The International Screenwriter Workshop is a short-term, 7-day, residential screenwriting training program with the aim of facilitating the filmmakers' creative process to develop the most compelling story and script. Our comprehensive program includes the producers' attendance the last 2,5 days and a follow-up consultation on the obligatory rewrite.

I went home and my head was full! After seven days I then sat down at my desk and started writing. The result was the shooting script of "3 Days in Quiberon"

Emily Atef Screenwriter, Director - FR

The Mission

The Mission of eQuinoxe Europe is to support European and international filmmakers in the crucial script development phase to deliver stronger scripts in order to advance the projects more quickly to financing and production.  Through its focus on rigorous script development, eQuinoxe Europe is committed to:

  • Assisting screenwriters to realize their creative vision
  • Enhancing the creative and commercial potential of European film globally
  • Raising the profile and affirming the vital role of script development in advancing screenplays to production
  • Establishing stronger links between Europe‘s creative talent and the eQuinoxe Europe international network.

eQuinoxe Europe e.V.

eQuinoxe Europe has held 26 Intl. Screenwriters´ Workshops, 36 Master Classes and numerous Salons - Readings, Screenings, In Conversations and Panel Discussions for the European film industry since 2002.


The Results

Production rate of projects from 2001 to 2018 is 44%.

The Association

The independent, non-profit association eQuinoxe Europe e.V. was founded in Berlin in February 2001 to support European filmmakers with script development to enable them to be more internationally competitive.

The founding members, involved in different sectors of the film industry, are the responsible body of the association and execute  the association's core activities. Since 2001 over 1400 projects have been submitted, 235 writers have attended the workshops with their producers and/or co-writers and circa 80 films have been produced, in production, released, or currently completing financing . Many award-winning films among them.

See Script to Screen

In January 2013 the name change to eQuinoxe Europe, from the original name éQuinoxe Germany, was executed which more aptly reflects the program's financial partners, participants and locations.

Lord Puttnam of Queensgate CBE

Honorary Chairman, eQuinoxe Europe e.V.

Ellen Winn Wendl

Chairman, eQuinoxe Europe e.V.

Susan Schulte

Founding Member, Former Head of Drama Department, German Federal Ministry, Culture and Media, 2002-2013

Susanne Schneider

Screenwriter/Director, Founding Member

Claire Dobbin AM

Script Editor

Dr. Stefan Rüll

Media Lawyer

Alfred Holighaus

Founding Member, Producer