Can I submit a long treatment to the workshop?

No, we only accept scripts. First drafts of scripts are not accepted, we suggest you submit with minimum 3. draft.

Why minimum 3. Draft?

We believe the 3. draft is when the writer has started to make decisions. This decision-making process is the information one brings to the workshop to discuss with the advisors.

I just graduated from film school and have a script and a producer. Can I apply?

Unfortunately not, as our program is for writers with experience -- minimum one feature length project produced.    We recommend you visit the following Creative Europe website to find the right scriptwriting training program offered by Creative Europe for you.

When does a writer get more out of the sessions?

The revisions in a second draft give the writer and producer clarity in certain elements of the story, character and structure. The decision-making process of writing provides a writer the valuable information to discuss one-to-one with an advisor their script at length. If decisions have not been made by the writer, different elements tested, they may not benefit as much from the workshop. Therefore, a writer and producer tend to profit more from the workshop having worked on a few drafts already.