Master Classes

In the past 15 years we have held 36 Master Classes in 23 locations across Europe and in India.  Our half-day, full-day and weekend Master Classes are for professionals and non-professionals

If you are an industry professional - writer, commissioning editor, producer, film editor, student, funding executive, or simply have been thinking about developing skills as a screenwriter, our events will give you a good understanding of structure, storytelling and character. 

Participants at our classes represent a cross-section of career experience - from beginning to senior level.

In 2022 we are planning on holding a Master Class program which will be developed for industry professionals.  It will be series of six sessions over an extended period of time and will be announced.  Application will be necessary for this series.

NEW: In autumn 2022 we will start our CREATIVE PRODUCING Digital Master Class Series with legendary producer, politician and educator Lord David Puttnam.

Online Application is required for this series.


We believe a good story, well told, is one step closer to a better understanding in the world.

MASTER CLASS Lisbon 2022 - Friday, November 11, 2022
with award-winning producer David Puttnam



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Lord Puttnam‘s CREATIVE PRODUCING Digital Master Class Series is geared to developing creative resilience in every day producing matters for early and mid-level experienced producers.

Lord David Puttnam is the recipient of 10 Academy Awards, 25 BAFTAs among other awards. In 2012 he founded Atticus Education, one of the first digital education firms providing master classes worldwide from his studio in Cork County, Ireland.

Topics include the power of identity, evolution and exploration of creativity, fact or fiction, builders and brokers, music and meaning, a case study of a Puttnam produced film from inception to release, and interpreting the future, among others.

• 12 Applicants will be selected combining early and mid-level experienced producers.
    • Six early career level producers will be selected from low-capacity Group B countries or countries not offering this kind of training.
    • Six mid-level career producers will be selected from the high-capacity countries.

• Creative Producing Series comprises six sessions
   • 6 sessions - 5 digital and 1 “live“ session - location to be announced.
   • Dates: Series is scheduled from mid-October - late November and will run for six sessions over 7 weeks. Classes are 90 min. in length.

Creative Producing Atticus Education Syllabus:
Subject to change

1. Content:
The Power of Identity: How can film make the personal universal?
Using his own experience of growing up with the cinema of the 1950s, David Puttnam will encourage participants to consider their own voice; what it is they are trying to say, and how can their lived experiences and ambitions be best manifested on screen. This session will remind participants of the importance of memory, community, collaboration, and risk-taking, and how all these and more are essential to successful filmmaking.

The Evolution of Creativity: What is creativity? Is it something we are born with, or can it be developed? Participants will be confronted with the importance of becoming ‘creatively resilient’ - as an artist and as a filmmaker, and how best to cultivate ideas and innovation on the page and on set. The session will also consider the need for creative agility, invention, and open-mindedness when career paths diverge, and opportunities open up in unexpected directions.

Fact or Fiction: What relationship does a filmmaker have with truth? This seminar will consider the fine line that exists between facts and their interpretation – can a film ever be truly objective? How can a real-life event be converted into an ‘entertainment property’? What responsibilities does a filmmaker have to the communities and stories they are telling? This session will also look at the increasing global demand for ‘fact-based’ stories and documentaries; and consider the questions this trend has raised about authenticity, reality, and motive in filmmaking.

Builders and Brokers: How do creative filmmakers become dealmakers? This seminar will examine how a filmmaker builds a project from the ground up by brokering deals, negotiating contracts, and working with various partners across the industry. In this session, participants will be encouraged to better understand what is involved in the business of ‘getting a film made and distributed’, and consider the broad skillset and networks needed for a creative idea to become a commercial reality.

Music and Meaning: How do you know what you want your film to sound like? Participants will learn how a filmmaker interacts with a composer; how to speak each-others ‘language’, how music can support and even drive the narrative, and how to go about creating exactly the right score for each individual film, TV series or even video game.

Interpreting the Future: How is technology changing creativity? Participants will enhance their understanding of how ongoing changes across the screen industries in production and distribution have been accelerated by the global pandemic. This seminar will explore why it is critical for the creators of content to keep abreast of the evolving market, and the challenges and opportunities that come with it.

2. Format:
1 seminar per week (90 minutes per seminar). 5 seminars virtual, one in person, location to be announced.

3. Learning Outcomes:
Participants will evaluate why they make films in the specific way that they do, how they can improve upon their own creative techniques, and become more astute to the changing industry and to the broader social, economic and ethical issues they confront as filmmakers. They will learn to better understand the convergence between creative innovation and commercial success. At a more granular level, they will benefit from Lord Puttnam’s first-hand advice and guidance.

Background to Atticus Education
Founded in 2012, Atticus Education is an online education company that delivers audio-visual seminars to students all over the world. The seminars are led by Lord David Puttnam, film producer and member of the House of Lords, who is based in Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Ireland. Atticus Education offers far more than an online lecture programme: it allows illustrated conversations to take place, offering anyone seeking a career in the audio-visual world a connection with one of the industry’s most thoughtful exponents, using a Cisco TelePresence high definition video conferencing solution. This state-of- the-art connectivity allows for high speed uncontested internet access using BT fibre and a BT managed radio network; effectively extending that network into rural areas such as Skibbereen. These technological solutions mean that Lord Puttnam can teach in an innovative and dynamic manner, using video clips, audio files and interacting with students in a two-way discourse throughout each seminar. Atticus Education delivers a series of modules all over the world: including Australia, Singapore, the US, the UK, Northern Ireland, and Ireland.

• Fees: 1700€ ( travel to live session is not included; food and lodging is included)

Paying-forward. eQuinoxe Europe is a non-profit, not for profit organization which supports international filmmakers in script and project development.
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• Submission Deadline: August 16, 2022

• Scholarships: two scholarships are available for selected participants coming from a) a low-capacity countries Group B, b) being from a country not providing scholarships for this kind of training, or c) participants in any other proven situation of need for financial support.

• We recommend you contact your local, regional or national film funding organization for bursary support information.

The classes will be held in English language. Good communication skills in English are a prerequisite in order to take full advantage of the sessions.

The application must be filled out, downloaded and signed by applicant.

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Participant selection will be made early September.




with David Puttnam (The Mission, Killing Fields, Local Hero, ...)

Friday, 11. November 2022
Location: Cinemateca Portuguese Cinema

From 2004-2019

eQuinoxe Europe Master Classes held in 9 countries


  • Balestrand, Western Norway
  • Bergen, Western Norway


  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Galway, Ireland


  • Mumbai, India


  • Berlin, Germany
  • Cologne, Germany
  • Freiburg, Germany
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Heidelberg, Germany
  • Ising, Germany
  • Klais, Germany
  • Lindau, Germany
  • Ludwigsburg, Germany
  • Mannheim, Germany
  • Munich, Germany
  • Stuttgart, Germany


  • Barcelona, Spain


  • Zurich, Switzerland


  • Mittersill, Austria
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